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    WCIU "You and Me" Segment on Bronzeville and Gallery Guichard!

    Frances Guichard of Gallery Guichard talks about their art in the Bronzeville community.

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    BAL artists use historic doors in celebration of the Great Migration

    Rolling Out Covers the Story!

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    Bronzeville rebirth

    Gallery Guichard hopes to be part of Bronzeville rebirth.

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    Blackness in Latin America

    Rolling Out Features Blackness in Latin America.

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    Susan Williams’ sculpts definition

    Susan Williams consistently makes an impression on those around her.

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    Basil Watson’s exhibit stands tall

    Part of Gallery Guichard’s latest exhibition Basil is guaranteed to draw collectors to his work.

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    Confronting truths sparks conversation and controversy.

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    The South Shore Current

    Gallery Guichard featured in the May issue of the South Shore Current Magazine