Find A Way to Your Heart

Find A Way to Your Heart



**Commission Available**

Materials: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 60” x 40” x 1”

My earliest memories are of me making art; I developed my artistic skills just as I learnt how to read and write but I realized it was a gift when I noticed that my peers could not do draw like I could. As a teenager, art became my means of expression, I wrote poetry and I made art and upon my high school graduation, I received a proficiency Certificate in Fine Art but dissuaded by my parents I ended up with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Real Estate


As a graduate, I worked in Broadcasting, Banking and Telecommunications, I moved from industry to industry in search for what I always had; a fulfilling career. I never stopped drawing and painting. In 2001, I got introduced to a Gallery owner who purchased some of my work. I was pleasantly surprised. In that same year, I made my first oil painting. I would paint and sell one-on-one to those who were privy to seeing my work as it was like a hobby to me. The Gallery owner introduced me to Art associations in Nigeria, which I eventually became a member of. I slowly integrated myself into the Art world in Nigeria and had my first Art Exhibition in 2008, and since then I have been exhibiting and selling my works while running a regular 8-5 job.


In 2011, after working on a large art commission, I finally picked up my dream of an MFA Fine Art painting at the Academy Of Art University. I am currently an MFA Fine Art Painting Graduate Student.


Inspired by nature and my origins, my art gives expression to the real and the surreal. My works have been exhibited at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, The Museum Of African Diaspora, Studio Gallery in Pacific Heights and The AAU Gallery at the Cannery In San Francisco and Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland. I am also a member of the Bay Area Arts Group located in Berkeley and the Portrait Society of America.

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