Confidence by Abiola Akintola

Confidence by Abiola Akintola



Material: Acrylic and heavy

The Nigerian-born artist Abiola Akintola -- referred to simply as “Abiola” -- began his formal study of art at a very young age. His early training enabled him to learn the anatomical parts of the figure quickly and thereby to grasp the importance of drawing a line that would activate the appearance of the figure in space. Although Abiola was persistently involved in drawing and oil painting throughout his years of schooling, he ultimately decided to obtain a degree in sculpture. While he enjoyed painting on a flat surface, he was also driven to work on material forms in actual space. Thus, sculpture allowed him to weld cast iron, to create complex cubist angles, and express the joy of movement as it related to the human likeness. For most of his career, including his time in Chicago – where Abiola has lived for more than two decades -- he has worked both as a painter and sculptor. He uses a variety of materials, including paint, metal, wood, clay, and discarded objects that he finds on the street. His interest in working with found objects, such as discarded soda cans from which he extracts shredded metal, has given him the label of “the Green Revolution Artist.”

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