Garden of Eden by Sayo Olalekan

Garden of Eden by Sayo Olalekan



**Commission Available**

Materials: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 48” x 42” x 6”

Sayo Olalekan started his career as an artist at a tender age with lots of interest in Biblical theme and illustration. His love for nature and colours started quite early due to the topography and the climatic condition of the environment he grew up as a child. Noticing the unique ability to create and compose things out of his imagination, his parent started supporting him by buying him the needed materials and tools which propelled him to work even more harder. He won his first state and national award in art while in junior secondary school at Oyo State College of Education Model High School, Oyo (now Emmanuel Alayande College of Education Model High School, Oyo) where he came first and second respectively in the competition themed “The Effect of Pollution” which was organized by Fanta and Old Oyo National Park in the year 2003. This propelled him to better himself in the world of creativity through constant practice but not to the detriment of his formal education. In his quest to find an answer to the essence of life .... Who we are and our hidden self..... He developed a new approach and style of rendering his thought. It’s going to be a long journey but will certainly get there.

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