Dreams by Calvin Coleman

Dreams by Calvin Coleman



*Commissions are available*

Material: Acrylic, mixed media

Size: 18” x 24

After graduating from Lincoln University where he earned a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education, Calvin Coleman taught at the elementary level for fourteen years. In 2004, Coleman made the transition that changed his life forever. Following his passion, Calvin’s paintings have shown in a number of galleries throughout the United States and Europe. As a self-taught artist, that incorporates Abstract Expressionism and Fauvism, Coleman builds upon the canvas with an assemblage of heavy body acrylic paint, a variety of textiles and other mediums to embellish his uninhibited style of painting. The inspirations behind the contemporary style that Coleman conveys to his audience, has much to do with his spirituality, love for nature’s beauty, lyrics of songs from a vast genre of music, and his journey through life.

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