Rental Overview

Known as one of the top galleries in the country as well as for a building with historical significance, Guichard Guichard provides a unique feel to events. We look forward to working with you to host your private event at Gallery Guichard. 

Gallery Guichard is an ideal, unforgettable indoor/outdoor space for connecting and exchanging with guests in a gallery where beauty abounds with original artwork and artful furniture. The gallery can expand to an outdoor patio and sculpture garden, filled with monumental sculptures, that takes you away to a world of beauty. We can recommend a host of caterers with delicious food that can cater to your needs. We provide top bartender services with delicious drinks and cocktails.

Our gallery is an ideal space for wedding ceremonies, receptions, parties, networking, meetings, expos and vendors markets, corporate events, company off-site retreats, talks, panels and presentations. For your use, we have dependable WiFi, a kitchen area and sound system. Our venue can accommodate a DJ, band or live performances and ticket sales. To inquire visit the Events tab or click here.

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Main Gallery Space (Front and Back connected by the hallway where the bathrooms are located: approximately 4,000 Sq. Ft

*All events must end no later than 1:00 AM

*Capacity 299 (without additional furniture), 170 (with tables and chairs) at any one time per city of Chicago

*All events in the garden must end no later than 12:00 AM

*Additional time: 1 hour for setup and 1 hour for cleanup (unless otherwise discussed). additional fee may be assessed for longer set up and clean up times.

*To discuss Incubator rental contact Gallery Guichard staff.

*Security is required to cover all events in the Great Migration Garden and Cash Bar service of Alcohol.

Front gallery space

•                  Please provide a floor plan of your event once you book your event. See attached.

•                  You can rent 6 high boys and 6 stools for $150

•                  You may need to provide additional tables, chairs, linen or other supplies.  We can place order for you at an additional cost. We can setup and breakdown at an additional cost.  We can staff your event with a runner for an additional cost.  See pricing above.

•                Audiovisual equipment, includes the ability to hook up iPod, iPhone or mp3 player to the audio system and video for DVD player, and USB for presentation. Ensure your videos or pictures loop for continuous play.  Please plan to visit gallery before the day of your event to ensure your audio visual works the way you plan.


Deposit and Payment Terms:


•                 A deposit of ½ the rental price is due to reserve the event date and time. Caterer(s) licenses information and insurance due immediately after reserving the date.

•                 Balance due 10 days prior to the event.

Great Migration Sculpture Garden

Insurance and Liability

·       Event Holder must also provide a certificate of insurances (COI) with coverage and additionally insured as indicated below.  Event Holder shall provide contact information enabling Gallery Guichard to communicate with the outside vendors directly.  The Event will not be allowed without providing Gallery Guichard such a certificate of insurance.  The Event Holder must submit to Gallery Guichard such a certificate of insurance at least (3) weeks prior to the Event.

·       Insurance Coverage Required:

·        $1,000,000 (PER OCCURRENCE) SUBJECT TO:



·       $1,000,000 FIRE, DAMAGE LEGAL LIBILITY


·       Name of additional insured Person(s) or Organization(s):

·       A 1 million-dollar limited liability insurance policy is required through external agents naming Gallery Guichard the additional insured to cover your event.

Catering (Must strictly adhered to)

·       Food must be prepared in a city of Chicago licensed kitchen under the direction of a certified manager. We do not allowed food prepared at home. Your caterer must hold a retail food license or shared kitchen license. Food can also be purchased from a food establishment who holds a retail food license and meets all city of Chicago requirements.  Please ask your caterer if they have the proper licenses.  Please ask questions before making a comment to be sure they meet the requirements.

·       When alcohol is served or sold on our premises a liquor license is required. Gallery Guichard carries a liquor license.  To meet requirements of the state of Illinois and city of Chicago the following is required.

·       Bartenders: Open bar:  Bartenders must be approved by Gallery Guichard and must be Basset Certified.  A copy of the certificate must be provided if you hire your own bartenders.  There is a fee for providing your own bartenders. See fee above.  Alcohol, mixers and glassware is to be provided by the Event Holder.

·       Bartenders: Cash bar:  Gallery Guichard will provide certified bartenders.  Please see the fee above.  Alcohol, mixers and glassware provided by Gallery Guichard.  All proceeds go to Gallery Guichard.

Cleaning and Trash Removal

·       Unless provided in the rental, the renter is required to cleanup and ensure trash removal to the dumpster at the end of the event. All gallery furniture replaced in its original locations. Chairs and tables are to be removed the same day unless otherwise arranged.

Note:  Charging tickets at the door is allowed but must be approved by the gallery.  A security guard is required. When inviting the public, Gallery Guichard must be informed and the event approved.

Use of industrial sound systems is not allowed. Any Damages caused by the renter or their guest will be the responsibility of the renter. The renter is responsible for cleaning throughout the night and removing tables, chairs and trash throughout and at the end of the night. 

 By making payment to Gallery Guichard you acknowledge that you agree to this contract and our NO REFUND Policy.